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COMPREX® is an impulse-flushing method developed, proven and patented by the HAMMANN GmbH. The performance of COMPREX® is constantly redefined by innovations and patents. COMPREX® works without chemical cleaning agents, but completely based on physical effects – just with air and water.


COMPREX®: The principle.

In the beginning, the pipe section to be cleaned is defined by our technicians together with costumer. Subsequently, the flow velocity is reduced to a slow, laminar flow. Impulses of compressed air are fed into the inlet point at the beginning of the section and channeled at the end of the section at the outlet point. In combination with the laminar water flow, this leads to alternating air-water-packets passing the pipe with high velocities of 10 – 20 m/s.


COMPREX®: The effect.

These strongly accelerated packets cause high turbulences with strong shear forces. Thus, fouling material is mobilized and discharged reliably. Even though, many pipe networks consist of easily damageable material, such as grey iron, we experienced at HAMMANN GmbH that COMPREX® is able to clean even those pipes reliably and gently. The maximum pressure of the COMPREX® process is kept below the operational pressure of the system. Pear pressures are damped by the air blocks, which act like an airbag.

COMPREX®: The advantages.

Hygienic conditions in cooling circles and water pipes ensure clean water.

• Ecological
eco-friendly process for cleaning without chemical cleaning agents and little demand of biocides

• Energy efficient
Reduction of friction losses saves energy for the pumps. Reduction of thermal fouling resistance increases the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers

• Economical
excellent cost-benefit ratio, short shutdown times, low demand of water, no turbidities and pressure drops in neighbouring pipe networks, water supply in network sections next to the cleaned parts are not affected

COMPREX®: The different levels of performance.

We are constantly redefining our COMPREX® technique, to offer it to you in different levels of performance – individually adjusted to your peculiar case.

Modulated impulses

Invest Power – Save Water

The “turbo” with the revolutionary technique of modulated impulses is used when stronger shear forces are needed with decreased demand of water.

Injection of solids

Low temperatures for high performance.
Extremely persistent incrustinations of biofilms cannot be mobilized by pulsed air and water alone. In these cases, the third aggregate state comes into action: ice cubes. These ice cubes are injected with the compressed air and result in strong friction forces and a stronger capability to mobilize impurities. After having fulfilled their purpose, the ice cubes melt. This is hygienic, inexpensive and does not require chemical cleaning agents.

The power of COMPREX® and what it deals with.

  • IL9A5202
  • IL9A5240
  • IL9A5320
  • IL9A5335
  • IL9A5344
  • IL9A5353
  • IL9A5366
  • IL9A5372
  • IL9A5390
  • IL9A5408-2

Ochre sedimentations, chalk or manganese - COMPREX® removes residues and sediments of various kind. Here, we show you the unknown things, which are the reason for so many problems in piping systems.


Our equipment

Our equipment is heart and key to success – built, experienced and proven by us for over two decades already. A technical unit consists of a trailer and a van, where the trailer contains a workshop and office, and the trailer hosts the compressor including a control unit. Our technique units are characterized by their high mobility and flexibility.

Your contact person

Do you want to learn more about COMPREX®?
In Germany, COMPREX® cleaning is performed by Hammann GmbH directly. In several neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, ...) the cleaning procedure is offered by experienced cooperating partners. In regions beyond our service area, we offer to purchase the equipment and license. This opportunity enables water suppliers to maintain their networks and to apply COMPREX® technique in their country.
Our experts in our different businesses are lookings forward to your request.

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