At HAMMANN GmbH, we work hard to attain optimal results. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to improve our cleaning processes. Our passion for research and our ambition are the drivers for our constant innovations in the field of pipe cleaning.

At our test site in Landau/Germany, especially built for research, we steadily explore the possibilities in removing residues and fouling material from pipes to obtain experience in all fields we are working in.

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On the right path with COMPREX®.

As experience shows, we are on the right path with the COMPREX®-process we have developed and patented on our own. Moreover, we constantly redefine and improve its performance by implementing innovations from our research activities into the COMPREX® technology.

Our research projects at a glance:


In addition to our own research projects, we were and are also involved in various external projects:


ZIM joint project „WÄRMER“


Project description
Title:Development and validation of an innovative service package for the effective cleaning in place of heat exchangers without chemical cleaning agents
Topic:Cleaning of plate heat exchangers with the COMPREX®-process, which should be further developed to clean heat exchangers effectively
Duration:01.07.2014 till 30.06.2016
Funding:approx. 540.000 Euros
Cooperation partners:2 Research partners (IWW Water Centre gGmbH; Technical University of Braunschweig)
1 Company (HAMMANN GmbH)
Initiator und Coordinator:HAMMANN GmbH
Further information:ZIM-Kooperationsprojekt WÄRMER (Kurzfassung)
ZIM-Kooperationsprojekt WÄRMER (Langfassung)
BMBF joint project „Microbiology of ochre formation“ (Anti-Ocker)


Project description

Topic:Microbiology of ochre formation in technical systems
Duration:01.02.2011 till 31.01.2014
Direction:Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Gerd Hammann
Coordination:Prof. Dr. Ulrich Szewzyk
Participation:8 Research partners (among HAMMANN GmbH)
5 Industrial partners
Type of participation:Participation of research partner
Projekt:Subproject 8: Effectiveness of the COMPREX®-Verfahrens to remove ochre from raw water pipelines, well pipelines and risers.
RWE Research project „Concept for cleaning and rinsing transport pipelines“

Topic:Development of a concept for cleaning and rinsing of water transport pipelines of larger diameters (DN 400)
Duration:09/2010 till 12/2012
Coordination:Dr. Christian Sorge
Participants:2 Research partners (IWW Water Centre, University of Duisburg-Essen), Water suppliers,
Industrial partner HAMMANN GmbH
Type of participation:Participation as Industrial partner
Websites:RWE, IWW
BMBF joint project „Biofilm management“

Topic:Recognition, Risk and Removal of temporarily uncultivable pathogens in house installations
Duration:from 01.12.2010
Coordination:Prof. Dr. Hans-Curt Flemming
Participants:5 Research partners
16 Industrial partners (among HAMMANN GmbH)
Type of participation:Participation as Industrial partner
EU Project „SecurEau“

Topic:Security and decontamination of drinking water distribution systems following a deliberate contamination
Duration:till 2013
EC Project Officer:Tristan Simonart
Coordination:Dr. Sylvain Fass
Type of participation:Contractor of a research partner in the field "Decontamination procedures of water distribution systems"
Construction and operation of a test rig to prove and evaluate the performance of cleaning of theComprex®-process
DVGW-TZW Research project „Disinfection in house installations“

Topic:Disinfection of house installations with special focus on hot water installation – Investigations of practical cases
Duration:01.08.2008 till 30.06.2010
Direction:Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Wricke
Participants:8 Industrial partners
Art der Beteiligung:Participation als Industrial partner
BMBF joint project „Biofilms in house installations“

Topic:Avoiding and removal of water contaminations by hygienically relevant microorganisms from biofilms in house installations
Duration:01.10.2006 till 30.04.2010
Coordination:Prof. Dr. Hans-Curt Flemming
Participants:5 Research partners
17 Industrial partners (among Hammann GmbH)
Type of participation:Participation as Industrial partner
IKT research project „Waste water pipelines“

Topic:Waster water pipelines - Possibilities and processes for cleaning
Coordination:Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Kathrin Harting
Type of participations:Investigation of the cleaning performance of the impulse flushing method