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Heat exchangers, Cooling circuits, Piping systems – the variety of our services reflects the spectrum of different fields in industry. We offer tailored solutions for industrial systems transporting various kind of gases and liquids

All industrial pipes
are characterized by at least the following issues:
Over the years, scales, biofilms, fouling etc. are formed in the pipes, which decreases the performance of their function and therefore reduce the output. As a consequence, they need regular maintenance. Cleaning these complex structures requires specific knowledge.
As longtime experts for mechanical cleaning, we apply our COMPREX® technique successfully in different industries for years.

COMPREX® works entirely without chemical cleaning agents, just based on the physical interaction of water and compressed air.

Since 2006, we are cleaning industrial systems. The variety of our industrial customers ranges from (petro-)chemical, automotive, food and steel to polymer industry of every firm size.


The COMPREX®-process

COMPREX® works entirely without chemical cleaning agents, just based on the physical interaction of water and compressed air.



The principle
Cleaning with COMPREX® requires an injection and outlet point. For the cleaning process, a defined section of the pipe network or industrial plant is separated in advance from the rest of the plant by closing valves. Followed by water, pumped through this section slowly via the injection and outlet points, finally resulting in a laminar flow. This flow of water is superposed by the addition of pulses of compressed air. This results in alternating air-water-packets, flowing through the section. The compressed air-packets are expanding and thereby accelerating the water-packets to velocities of 10 – 20 m/s.

The effect
The highly accelerated packets induce strong turbulences and high forces of shear stress. This mobilizes and removes scales and impurities. Nevertheless, the maximum pressure is kept below the operational pressure of the plant in order to avoid damages.

141217_Hammann_Industrie_Comprex_InfografikIllustration: Golden Section Graphics im Auftrag der Circle of Values Communication GmbH

COMPREX® - The key technique in cleaning, adaptable to your demands.


The COMPREX® technique (see picture) can be easily adapted to almost every industrial plant for fluid processing.

How we proceed during a project:
At first, our experts develop in accordance with our costumer’s demands a tailored cleaning strategy in advance of the project. Therefore, we determine the pipe network sections to be cleaned as well as the injection and discharge points. Mostly, we can use existing connections for pipes and hoses for that purpose. If these connection point do not exist, our customers have to install them. Finally, a team of qualified technicians applies the impulse-flushing-technique COMPREX® to your system. The key to success is our extensive experience, know-how and professionality.

Depending on local conditions and infrastructure, water from the pipe itself of of other pipes next to the section is used as cleaning agent. Together with compressed air, the water is inserted via the inlet point. Our technique is independent of local electricity supply, as the COMPREX® trailers work self-sufficiently.


COMPREX® at work


Heat exchangers are designed to transfer thermal energy from one mass flow to another. The lower the heat transfer resistance, the higher the efficiency. Impurities and scales (“fouling”) are causing higher resistance to the heat transfer and hence affect the performance of the heat exchanger.

In that case, COMPREX® can increase the performance, by eliminating the residues in the pipes. The cleaning procedure can be adjusted to your peculiar case which enables us to clean both sides of the heat exchanger efficiently. Thus, we can decrease the thermal fouling resistance and increase the efficiency of your apparatus significantly.

And best of all, our process does not require the costly and time consuming dismantling and reinstalling of the apparatus.


COMPREX® cleans

• Plate heat exchangers

• Shell and tube heat exchangers

• Spiral heat exchangers


Cooling water in industrial cooling circuits is often taken from wells, still containing corrosion products. This negatively affects hydraulics and heat transfer. In open cooling circuit systems, microorganisms, dust and particles from the atmosphere cause additional fouling problems.
These drawbacks are almost inevitable. Therefore, regular maintenance of the cooling circuit pipes is necessary.

COMPREX® allows cleaning in predictable intervals, e.g. during other maintenance work or according to the necessity. During the procedure, the main pipes as well as the distribution pipes are cleaned economically and efficiently. COMPREX® is even able to clean difficult accessible pipes in open or closed cooling circuits.

Deposits and biofilms are mobilized and discharged from the pipes and even difficult accessible pipes (e.g. instruments) are cleaned efficiently. Blocks of compressed air are hindered to stuck in the pipe and adopt the shape of the plant. Discharge solids are separated in specially designed discharge boxes and are disposed professionally.


COMPREX® cleans:

• open cooling circuits

• closed cooling circuits


In pipes for water from wells, rivers of for industrial processes, deposits are formed during operation. These deposits consists of mud, biofilms or solids.

These deposits have to be removed as they narrow the cross section of the pipe, leading to decreased performance of the pumps and finally affecting the overall efficiency.

Especially in pipes of chemical plants, quality and yield of products are decreased by fouling. Moreover, fouling increases the risk of failure of fire-extinguishing installations.

In that case, COMPREX® can increase the performance and regain the process safety, by eliminating the residues in the pipes. The cleaning procedure can be adjusted to your peculiar demands.

COMPREX® cleans:

• Pipes for raw water and service water

• Pipes for river water

• Pipes for fire-extinguishing installations

• Pipes for process water

• Pipes for emulsions

• Pipes for wastewater

Benefits for industry by COMPREX®


• Energy saving


• Improved hydraulic properties due to removal of deposits


• Improved heat transfer due to removal of fouling layers in heat exchangers


• No dismantling of the plant required


• Low effort after one-time installation of access points


• Short shutdown times and longer intervals between revision of the plant


• Improved hygienic conditions (legionella, germs)


• Little biocides required for disinfection procedure


• Increased process safety


Representative applications of COMPREX®

Paint system in automobile paint line



• Sediments in pipeline

• Sediments and biofilms from water based pipes

• Decreasing quality of painting

• Microorganisms in paint



• Cleaning possible only during shutdown of plant



• First, COMPREX®-cleaning until turbidities dissappear

• Rinsing with water

• Drying with 4-fold filtered air from COMPREX®-unit

• Wastes of paint can be separated from rinse water

• Thorough removal of sediments, biofilms and microorganisms. Reenabling the function of paint line
Spiral- and plate heat exchanger; cooling with river water



• Sediments of sand, biofilms and mussels



• No pretreatment of cooling water

• No or short shutdown times

• No possibility of offline or chemical cleaning



• Online-cleaning with COMPREX®

• Cleaning of heat exchanger with its connected pipes

• Monitoring and control of temperatures.

• Process water can be used for cleaning

• Priority on energy efficiency
Welded plate heat exchanger: Cooling agent: Glycol



• Sediments of food and cooling agents



• Only mechanical cleaning to avoid contaminations

• No chemical cleaning to avoid corrosion

• Short times of shutdown available for cleaning process



• Cleaning with COMPREX®-process with drinking water

• Cleaning of heat exchanger with its connected pipes

• COMPREX®-cleaning with injection of solids to mobilize harder sediments

• Preventive measurement: Regualr cleaning with COMPREX®-process to avoid harder sediments

• Cleaning with drinking water without additional substances

• Special cleaning technique for food industry

• Priority on hygienic cleaning

• Good heat transfer required for product quality and process stability

Our experts for industrial networks.

Do you have a problem with fouling in industrial pipelines? Please contact us, our experts are looking forward for your request and will care for your issue. In Germany, COMPREX® cleaning is performed by Hammann GmbH directly. In several neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, ...) the cleaning procedure is offered by experienced cooperating partners. In regions beyond our service area, we offer to purchase the equipment and license. This opportunity enables water suppliers to maintain their networks and to apply COMPREX® technique in their country.

We are looking forward to your request.

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Your case is different?
We also work in the fields of municipal pipe systems and drinking water installations.