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You are operating or maintaining municipal water pipelines to ensure the supply of water in your area? We are the partners at your side.

For decades we are successfully cleaning and maintaining numerous municipalities in Germany and abroad. We started our activities for municipal water pipelines in 1998. Until today, this is our core business. In Germany we clean yearly approx. 3.500 km (Year 2013) of the public raw water-, drinking water- and waste water pipelines. Our customers in that field are a multitude of public water suppliers, including small to very large public networks. A key milestrone in that business is the successful cleaning of a pipeling with an inner diameter of 1200 mm.

Over the years, we obtained professional experience in developing, manufacturing and maintaining the technical equipment for optimal results.

COMPREX® in action: On site for your networks.

The success of a project is determined by excellent planning. Therefore, our experts develop in accordance with our costumer’s demands a tailored cleaning strategy in advance of the project - either based on plans or during preliminary on site planning.
At first, we identify the pipe network sections to be cleaned. Subsequently, the injection point and discharge point will be determined. Finally, a team of qualified technicians applies the impulse-flushing-technique COMPREX® to your system. The key to success is our extensive experience, know-how and professionality.
In Germany, COMPREX® cleaning is performed by Hammann GmbH directly. In several neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, ...) the cleaning procedure is offered by experienced cooperating partners. In regions beyond our service area, we offer to purchase the equipment and license. This opportunity enables water suppliers to maintain their networks and to apply COMPREX® technique in their country.

Our experts for municipal networks.

You are operating or maintaining municipal water distribution networks?
We are highly looking forward to discuss your issue personally, via phone or via e-mail.

Our experts are looking forward to your request.

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