At HAMMANN GmbH, we are cleaning water pipe networks efficiently and sustainably for over 20 years, not only in Germany but also in neighbouring countries. In the early days, we started as HAMMANN Water Municipal and first provided our service for municipal water suppliers.

Over the years, we evolved into a successful competence centre for water and offer our cleaning services for municipal, building and industrial piping systems.



Air and water as cleaning agents – Individual solutions with COMPREX®

Our portfolio is focused on
our patented COMPREX® technique which turned us into the market leader. Nevertheless, we are constantly performing research to meet the quickly changing and individual demands of our customers. Our mission is to attain ideal results and excellent service for our customers while meeting economical suitability and ecological sustainability.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians acquires tailored solutions for our customers with professionality, competence and state of the art equipment. Our key to success is continous development and revision of our technique, focused on responsibility, transparency and technical progress - today and in future.

The services of HAMMANN are available in Germany and neighbouring coutries either performed by us directly or by our cooperating partners. In other regions, we offer the possibility to purchase our equipment including regional license to perform COMPREX®-cleaning services.


Sustainable and efficient: Responsible cleaning with COMPREX® for a better future.


The incentive in our day-to-day business is to create cleaning solutions without burdening health and environment. Hence, we are specialized on sustainable and preserving cleaning, avoiding chemical cleaning agents wherever possible. Moreover, we commit ourselves to achieve results contributing to an increase of energy efficiency.

Our customers, no matter whether they come from municipal water suppliers or industrial companies, highly appreciate the hygienic, ecological and resource-saving aspects of our work. Further, they chose COMPREX® because of economical advantages such as cost- and time-savings (short times of shutdown). But most of all, our costumers decide to work with HAMMANN, as our team of professionals develops unremittingly tailored cleaning solutions for their personal demands.