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High standards are demanded of the drinking water quality to guarantee health and welfare of the costumers. Hence, the water suppliers are responsible for the maintainenance of the installation systems, as the installation is the basis for clear water.

We support our customers to deal with that responsibility:
Even pipe networks carrying the cleanest water, sediments and impurities, which are naturally transported with water, settle at the pipe walls after a certain time. These sediments support the presence of biofilms and microorganisms. A decreasing demand of water and long residence times aggravate this problem. At HAMMANN GmbH, we support our costumers in keeping their piping systems clean by removing existing contaminations or preventing those - we take care for clean water at each tap.

COMPREX® at work

If your house installations for drinking water are contaminated, e.g. by legionellae of pseudomonads, cleaning the pipelines is an effective way to remove the contamination. Also, turbidities and other impurities can effectively be cleaned with our COMPREX®-technique.

With COMPREX®-cleaning, we prevent sediment formation in your installations, which often carry contaminations in your pipe. Hence, regurlarly prevention measures with COMPREX® can help to decrease contaminations in your system.

Especially hygiene related issues in house installations are a sensitive matter. Therefore, we keep any information about our customers and their projects confidential, except they explicitly agree to use the project information as reference.

Our customers in the field of house installations are usually operating larger houses for various purposes such as hospitals, administration buildings, companies, hostels etc. At HAMMANN GmbH, we already cleaned house installation networks with approx. 10 to 500 taps or fire hydrants successfully.
In Germany, COMPREX® cleaning is performed by Hammann GmbH directly. In several neighbouring countries (France, Netherlands, ...) the cleaning procedure is offered by experienced cooperating partners. In regions beyond our service area, we offer to purchase the equipment and license. This opportunity enables water suppliers to maintain their networks and to apply COMPREX® technique in their country.


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